By virtue of our proximity to one of the largest cities in North America, along with sitting very close to several other large cities in the US, Buffalo is surprisingly a nice travel hub for the northeast.

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in New York State and routinely has more than 100 flights arriving and departing the airport on a daily basis. At its peak, more than 5 million people passed through gates on a yearly basis.

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I really like to travel and prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, you could find me in the airport several times a month flying to different destinations all over the place. Since COVID I, like most people, had to slow down traveling but in recent months I have been able to get back out in the skies again.

Being away from air travel for so long allowed me to forget some of the great things that come from travel. It also allowed me to forget some of the things that people do in the Buffalo Airport that really drive me crazy. Now I am a pretty easygoing kinda fella, so if whatever people are doing is getting on my nerves, then you know it must be some really annoying things.

So Buffalo, I beg you, please stop doing these things when you are flying into or out of BUF:

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Crowding The Baggage Claim

Listen we only have 3 baggage carousels to choose from in Buffalo, you rushing from the gate to get down to the baggage claim area isn't going to make your bag come any faster, nor is making sure you are in the prime position to grab your bag as soon as it comes down the slide going to win you an award. Just calm down a little and be patient.

Thanksgiving Travel Returns To Near Pre-Pandemic Volumes Across U.S.
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Standing Up As Soon As The Plane Reaches The Gate

Speaking of being patient, the fact that you have decided to stand up in the middle of the aisle as soon as the plane reaches the gates doesn't actually get you off the plane any faster, you're just crowding out the lane for the rest of us. So just sit down and wait your turn.

Photo by Jackson Hayes on Unsplash
Photo by Jackson Hayes on Unsplash

Lining Up To Board The Plane When You Know You're In Group 20

We're literally all getting on the same plane and unless we're flying Southwest, which doesn't have assigned seating, why is it so important that you have to be at the front of the line to get the seat you're going to end up in any way?

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Stop Arguing With The Airline Counter Staff

I have noticed this a lot lately as I have been traveling and it's really annoying, everyone just wants to do their job and/or get to their destination, so arguing with the people whose job it is to help you probably isn't such a good idea.

Electronic Devices Focus Of Increased U.S. Airport Security
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Not Being Ready For TSA Inspection

The TSA has been around for more than 20 years and the process to get through airport security is pretty standard, so why are you still so unprepared for this? It's not hard, have your boarding pass ready, take off your shoes, go thru the machine, and don't have any weapons on you - it's really just that simple...

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