It’s a story that’s gone on for 13 years and it may FINALLY be coming to end. 

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This article is part news, part opinion. Please take that for what it’s worth.

Who is Brittanee Drexel?

Brittanee Drexel is from Rochester, NY where she had been going to Gates-Chili (Chai-lie) high school in 2009. She was 17 years old when she left her home, without telling her mother, for Myrtle Beach on spring break. She played soccer and had an interest in nursing, cosmetology, and modeling.


Image from YouTube (Video below)

Drexel's Disappearance

She was last seen on April 25, 2009, leaving a hotel in Myrtle Beach. She then disappeared. According to WPDE, her cellphone’s last pinged location was near the Charleston and Georgetown County Lines in South Carolina. She was never found, and no one has ever been charged with her disappearance. That, however, might be about to change. 

An Update in the Case?

ABC 15 News reports that a person of interest in the case has been taken into custody, and a major update in the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel is coming very soon. 

Now, technically, we don’t know for a fact if these 2 things are connected. It’s definitely easy to put the pieces together though. 

Raymond Moody is the man police arrested. He’s a convicted sex offender who raped and kidnapped children in 80s. Why is he out of jail? Great question. It seems odd, to me, that a child kidnapper and rapist would ever get out of jail. Note the word CHILDREN. That means plural. He served 21 years of a 40-year sentence.

What did he do when he got out of jail? In 2008 he was charged with indecent exposure, but was given a reduced charge. Why? Why was this man allowed to just go about his merry way after proving, again, that he had issues? So many people go to jail for so much less. 

Anyway… Moody, has been a person of interest since Drexel’s disappearance. He was arrested last week for obstruction of justice. Here’s his mug shot from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office.


We don’t know, again, if he is being charged in this case, but it sure looks to be lining up that way. We’ll find out soon and keep you posted. For now, it’s all speculation. 

For the sake of the family of Brittanee Drexel, let’s hope this comes to an end once and for all soon. 13 years with no answers is torture no one should have to endure, and this family has been through enough. 

13WHAM news in Rochester did a story just a couple of weeks ago on the 13 year anniversary of her disappearance, which you can see here:

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