The father of 7 Year-Old Anthony Conti, the boy who died in a Lovejoy house fire recently, was not supposed to be anywhere near the home, according to Court Documents as reported by local News Sources.

This seemingly changes the entire face of this incident.  Speculation now enters the circumstances with the question; why was Joseph Conti on the premises after being legally banned from the location?  According to News reports, there was a disturbance on New Year's Eve between Joe Conti and his wife in which reportedly Joe Conti spit on his wife during an argument.  Subsequently, according to News reports, the wife filed for an Order of Protection which, according to News Sources, was legally granted.

The death of anyone, especially a young Child is not only a Tragedy, but I'm certain the courts will not look upon this incident in a favorable fashion for Joe Conti.  A logical conclusion could be seemingly easy to argue that, had Joe Conti not been present at the ordered by a Judge (according to News Sources), there would have been no fire and subsequently no means for the young Conti, 7 Year-Old Anthony, to have been the victim of a fire.  Like I's speculative but doesn't seem to be a good discovery or turn of events for the Father in this case, Joseph Conti.

WBLK will keep you posted regarding new developments in this tragic story.

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