Seafood lovers across Western New York rejoice because a very popular restaurant has reopened after being shut down to a massive fire.

According to their Facebook page, The Boston Hotel's Steak and Crabshack is now reopened after being shut down due to a massive fire earlier this year.

The fire back in February was the second major fire the restaurant has endured. Back in May of 2020, another fire had broken out causing some damage. The good news is that both times no one was injured during the fires.
The Boston hotel is located on Genesse Street in Lancaster and according to their Facebook page will be open days starting at 11 am.

Seafood lovers should be happy that The Boston Hotel Steak and Crabshack is reopening and of course, there are plenty of other places for great seafood here in Western New York.

While work was being done to fix up The Boston Hotel Steak and Crabshack, seafood lovers dined out at places like The Crabman, Liberty Hound, and The Flaming Fish food truck.

Now we can put The Boston Hotel Steak and Crabshack back on the list of must-stop seafood places in Buffalo.

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