Boosie Badazz had his bank account hacked allegedly by his brother, Taquari Hatch, who siphoned $361,000 from the account. The Louisiana rapper recently addressed the situation on his Instagram account.

While he’s happy that the case has been solved, Boosie is heartbroken that his own sibling robbed him. "I don't have too much to say about the situation but 'trust nobody.' Money is the ruler of all evil," he wrote in the message above.

"Hopefully, since the arrest has been made I can finally get my money [and] move forward," he continued. "He [and] his family [are] no longer part of our family 'at all.' This is just some f---ed up s---."

Taquari was arrested for identity theft and fraud charges in July. Police claim that Boosie's brother made over a dozen wire transfers from Boosie's Capital One bank account and stole $361,000 from the rapper. However, Taquari is claiming his innocence in the criminal matter. In a video, Taquari said that he's not responsible for the crime.

"There's no peace of mind like knowing that you're innocent. Like, you can't buy that, can't nobody hook you up with that," he said in the clip below. "Your influence can't get you that. Knowing that you're innocent is peace of mind that's priceless, and that's what I got in this situation."

"Like, for the people that matter to me, all it's gonna take is a little time for me to clear my name," he added. "Like, I'm just getting the allegations of exactly what they said I did, to be able to just prove that I didn't do it."

Hopefull, this case will end in a peaceful resolution and Boosie can get his money back.

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