The Buffalo Bisons have announced that they will be installing the largest video scoreboard in all of Minor League Baseball. The new system will measure 80' wide by 33' high and will be installed before the start of the 2011 baseball season.

This new video display system is said to cost upwards of $2.5 Million dollars and is being completely funded by the Bison's organization.

Here are a few facts about the new Video System:

The average highway lane is 12' wide.
The BisonsTV HD Board would block 7 lanes of traffic.
The BisonsTV HD Board would span the entire width if the I-190 Expressway.

The average hot dog sold at Coca-Cola Field is 6"x1".
You would need 61,820 hot dogs to cover the BisonsTV HD board.

The average American Bison is 190.6" x 56.9".
You would need 40 Bison to cover the BisonsTV HD board.