There hasn't been this much excitement for a Bills team in a while -- probably since 2011, when the Bills also started 3-0. This year's team, coming off a 21-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, will face the 3-0 New England Patriots at New Era Field on Sunday.

According to WIVB, tickets have skyrocketed for this Sunday's game.

Brett Sim of the third-party seller site Southtowns Tickets says the cheapest tickets on his site are $160. If you get two tickets, it will come to around $380 after fees.

Sims tells WIVB it's the highest he's seen ticket prices in 15 years.

“Right now, there’s about 2400 tickets on the secondary market,” he said. “If these tickets don’t sell in the next 48 hours, you’re going to start seeing sellers looking to move these tickets, and start to lower these prices, knowing there’s about four days until the game.”

If you're looking for tickets by second or third party sellers, be careful of who you're buying from and do some checking before agreeing to pay for the tickets.