Saturday night, the Bills walked all over the New England Patriots in the first round of the playoffs and Bills fans wanted to make sure the whole world knew it.

For 20 years the Bills were dominated by the New England Patriots.  After only winning a couple times against them during the Belichick/Brady era, it's understanding that Bills fans would have had a chip on our shoulder. There's only so much that  you can take before finally exploding.

For Bills fans, that explosion happened on Saturday night.

When the Bills took the field on what was one of the coldest football games in NFL history, lots of fans still had that lingering thought of how awful it would be to lose to the Patriots...again...and this time, in a game that actually mattered.  It was win or go home, and the Bills definitely showed up to win.  Offensively they put up one of the first perfect games in NFL history.  They never punted, they never kicked any field goals, there weren't any turnovers.  Heck, Allen threw more touchdowns than he did incompletions.

It was a total blowout and one of Belichick's biggest losses during his time with the Patriots.

As you would expect, Bills fans reveled in it.  It was almost as if the whole world was glad to see that the Patriots are finally falling.  They were dominant in this league for so long, it was incredible to see someone finally slay the dragon.

If you were on twitter on Saturday night or Sunday, you know that people went nuts with their memes.  I put together some of the best that I found right here:




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