Remember back in the 90's when the cool thing to do was to sit around in a hot tub and watch some football?  The Bills are giving someone a chance to relive those days.

Even if you aren't old enough to remember, back in the day, people used to have hot tub parties to sit around and watch football.  Even if you didn't have a hot tub, people would rent them.

It looked like this:

AFC Championships
Getty Images

That picture was from the AFC championship game (that the Bills hosted against the Chiefs) in 1994!  Just look at that guy.  He was really loving life right there.  It wasn't uncommon to see them parked in a lot while people did their tailgating.

It's going to be freezing this weekend, but you'll be able to stay warm in the lots as the Bills try to bring that nostalgic feeling back.  Even if it's just for one game.

They're asking people to recreate their favorite throwback hot tub photo to win a hot tub party.  You'll get your own private tailgate party complete with a hot tub and 4 tickets to the Wild Card game as the Bills take on the Patriots on Saturday night.

They asked people to send in a recreated photo of their favorite hot tub party and some people have.  But what's been really hilarious to see are the photoshopped pictures that people are sending in.  Because...why not?  We have the technology...why not have some fun?  Here are some of my favorites:


Want to try to win?  Click here for the official contest page.

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