The spring is on the way for us here in Western New York and as we wait for the warm and sunny days, you may be getting the itch to get your bicycle out and hit the roads! In some places,restaurants are offering a special lane for those who want to grab a coffee or some food on their bike without going in to the store.

According to a report,

Dunkin’ opened its first-ever bike-thru lane at one of its locations in Quezon City, Philippines, earlier this year. The restaurant also features a separate drive-thru lane for cars.

As someone who rides a bike a lot in the summer, I would be all for this idea!

The COVID-19 pandemic is still in place and as we wait for the vaccine to be administered to the majority of the population and guidelines to be lifted or adjusted, takeout has been the way many people choose to get their food these days. Fast food drive thru lanes have been busy as well. The idea of a dedicated lane for those on a bike sounds like a great idea that would be efficient and safe in many ways.

While we wait for something like this to come our way, it is a reminder to keep your focus when you are driving. Motorcycles and bicycles are back on the roads and streets around Buffalo. If you ride a bike, remember to stay alert and keep in mind that motorists may not see you right away. Follow traffic laws and stay safe!

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