The Memphis rap scene has cemented its position in the game as a hotbed for young talent once again, and 1017 Records' Big Scarr is next in line as an artist on the rise. He's equipped with all the necessary tools to continue racking up accolades. Gucci Mane's next-in-command currently holds the title of being a 2022 XXL Freshman. For his concise Freshman freestyle, the 22-year-old rapper utilizes his distinct cadence to foretell his trajectory in hip-hop and look back at his growth and progress.

Big Scarr takes pride in his sound. His voice is what he feels sets him apart from his peers, both seasoned and newer on the scene like himself. In conjunction with his intonation, the South Memphis ascending talent is dodging distractions as he boasts about what his newfound success has afforded him thus far. "Whoa, know they ain't stoppin' my legacy/Nigga throw shots and they think I ain't catchin' it/Richest young nigga, got the hook and my section lit/Walk in the mall, like I'm pick store a shopping fit, tryna invest in some property," he raps.

The self-proclaimed Big Grim Reaper is both poised and focused as he delivers bars that encompass a juxtaposition of gratitude and rapper hubris. "Look like a gang leader, this shit like Monopoly/Havin' my way, ain't no stoppin' it/Gotta thank God that I made it out poverty/Long way from kilos and robberies/Pockets on swole like I just hit the lottery/Now every day, it's a shopping spree," Scarr spits through his thick southern twang.

He closes out the freestyle by affirming that he hasn't missed his moment. In fact, Big Scarr's time is right now. "Pushed out the motor without the key/Give it to my engine, the police ain't catchin' me/I got the sauce, yeah, the recipe/Head of the game, I don't think no nigga seeing me/These niggas ain't seeing me," the rhymer adds.

The last few years have included a 180-degree turn for the 2022 XXL Freshman, who didn't initially have a passion for rap. His friend and fellow artist, Baby K, put the rhyming bug in Scarr's ear. "Make a Play," the song Scarr dropped in 2019, was the result of him trying his hand at the craft. After garnering 50,000 YouTube views in one week, then receiving acknowledgement from YouTube personality Tommy Craze via a reaction video to that track, Scarr's career path was realized. He went under Guwop's wing and signed to 1017 the following year. The Tennessee native has since dropped mixtapes like Big Grim Reaper, his first musical release, and the effort's deluxe, Big Grim Reaper: The Return.

Big Scarr has also scored wins with his tracks "SoIcyBoyz 2” featuring his cousin and former 2021 XXL Freshman Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano and Tay Keith, "Traphouse," "Frozone" and "Fantasy" with Offset. He's also makde appearances on Gucci Mane's So Icy Boyz compilation album.

As fans await his as-yet-untitled project due out this fall, check out Big Scarr's 2022 XXL Freshman freestyle, powered by Puma, below.

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