RateBeer.com is a website that does just that - they rate beers across the world.  A big congrats goes out to Big Ditch Brewing Company as they were named the best in NY State.

Every year they tally ratings done by a global community of beer lovers to find out who has the best beers on the planet.  But everything is taken into account here.  Whether it's the atmosphere of the brewery, the snacks provided, or the number of beers they have on tap.  They've been doing it for 20 years now.

This year, Big Ditch was awarded the "Best Brewpub" award.

It's one thing to have some person who goes around and judges things on their own.  It's another to have multiple people go on a website and advocate for you because they believe in your product.

Congrats Big Ditch!  Well earned...

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