If you're not  in formation then you are already behind and if you were in the least bit offended by her Super Bowl 50 performance then you might want to log off of social media for a while and turn off your televisions because the BeyHive is surely buzzing! Last night, Beyonce took her powerful movement to the next level with the release of her latest project Lemonade, a visual Album accompanied by a short film with the same name. Why the name Lemonade you ask? Well as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons,  make lemonade. Although her relationship with her infamous husband/rapper/mogul Jay Z has been called into question with accusations of infidelity throughout the racy lyrics, the short film puts the entire project into artistic perspective. It's about the short end of the stick that women of color are given constantly. Not just in the toxic relationships we tend to cultivate but in society as a whole. It's an hour-long visual account of the feats and perseverance of black womanhood, using powerful images, strategic locations and even includes Tennis powerhouse Serena Williams. It's without a doubt that Bey refuses to be silenced and as a black woman myself, for that I am thankful.

Check out the track list for Lemonade below:

Pray You Catch Me
Hold Up
Don't Hurt Yourself feat. Jack White
6 Inch feat. The Weeknd
Daddy Lessons
Love Drought
Forward feat. James Blake
Freedom feat. Kendrick Lamar
All Night

As of now, the album is being streamed exclusively on Tidal, click the link, check it out and let us know what you think! Lemonade


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