Last week was National Ice Cream day and when it is as hot out as it has been for the past couple of days, a big ole' ice cream cone really hits the spot.

We know that we love to eat here in Western New York and there are a ton of pizzerias, Italian places, burger joints, wing spots, and of course Ice Cream shops. So where do Western New Yorkers go for that sweet treat?

We asked people to let us know their favorite place for ice cream in Western New York and we got tons of responses. In fact, we had over 1000 people chime with their favorite place for ice cream.

I grew up in West Seneca and every summer I remember after our soccer practices my parents would take my brothers and me to Kone King on Center road. My go-to was a twist cone with cherry dip and I love the fact that Kone King is still there in the same place and the ice cream tastes the exact same as I remember 30+ years ago.

That is the thing with a good ice cream shop. You know you are going to get a good-tasting sweet treat and you can go back there year after year and know exactly how it is going to taste.

Most of the places that people chimed in with offer a variety of different treats, but if you ask me, a twist cone with cherry dip is the way to go.

Check out Western New Yorker's favorite places for ice cream.

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