Can you believe Lent starts next Wednesday? That also means that Friday fish fry's will become even more popular around Western New York in the coming weeks leading up to Easter.

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You could probably go hundreds of places deep in this area - it's a dish that Buffalo does extremely well.

But here are some places that are must visits this lent!

Bailey Seafood (Buffalo)

This is a Buffalo tradition every Lenten season.

Buffalo Brew Pub (Williamsville)

Beer battered heaven. The Brew Pub's fish fry is a best-seller.

Buffalo Irish Center (South Buffalo)

South Buffalo's own. The fish fry's here are nothing short of awesome.

Curly's (Lackawanna)

I live a short distance from Curly's and their fish fry is simply perfection.

Doc Sullivan's (South Buffalo)

Doc's is another South Buffalo staple. Burger's are great but the fish fry is also a must.

Eagle House (Williamsville)

Located on Main Street, Eagle House is a cozy eating experience with one of the best fish fry's around.

Eden Pub (Eden)

The Eden Pub has plenty of great food but the fish fry is a big deal every lent -- a must order!

Glen Park Tavern (Buffalo)

So many seafood options here but the fish fry is a great version.

Major Tom's (Hamburg)

Major Tom's Drop Zone is a hidden gem. Those in Hamburg rave about their "Nimitz" Fish Fry.

Mandy's Cafe (West Seneca)

Located on Clinton Street -- Mandy's is a place every Lent you got to visit for a fish fry.

McPartlan's Corner (Amherst)

A big and tasty fish fry with a friendly atmosphere -- McPartlan's is another underrated gem.

Mayback's Deli (Tonawanda)

Mayback's is definitely underrated. Their fish fry is one of the best in the north towns.

Potter's Field (Buffalo)

Located on the border of South Buffalo and West Seneca, Potter's is always packed and their fish fry is a favorite dish.

Rodney's (Hamburg)

Rodney's specializes in seafood and for good reason -- they're right off Lake Erie on Lake Shore in Hamburg. The fish fry is beautiful and tastes just as good.

South Side Social & Athletic Club (Buffalo)

This place is always packed with people getting fish fry's every lent. Another hidden gem.

St. Leo The Great Church (Amherst)

Grew up in Amherst and St. Leo's does a great job every Lent for fish fry's.

VFW Leonard Post (Cheektowaga)

Don't overlook the local church's and VFW's like Leonard Post -- they have great fish fry's.

Wallenwein's  (East Aurora)

Many people in East Aurora rave about Wallenwein's Hotel and their fish fry's.

West Alden Kitchen (Alden)

West Alden Kitchen's fish fry is a tradition ever year for those in the great area of Alden.

Wiechec's Lounge (Buffalo)

Wiechec's fish fry is mesmerizing and it tastes fantastic.

Zoar Valley Tavern (East Otto)

Zoar's Valley Tavern is a 45 minute drive south but worth it. Locals love this place's fish fry.

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