Most of us have been to downtown Buffalo before. It's quite the experience on a Friday or Saturday night, especially on Chippewa, but Allen and Elmwood are also very popular for people to do to eat, drink and just have a good time with friends.

How many of us have waited in the line for Rec Room? Or have gone to SoHo after midnight on a Friday? It's okay to raise your hand.

However, if you've lived in Western New York a long time, then you know there are suburbs of Buffalo that rival it in popularity and things to do. There's one that has become famous for locals to go to, especially on weekends.

East Aurora.

An "East Aurora night out" means you're in for a night of great drinks, amazing food, and a spectacular atmosphere.

The heart of East Aurora features some of the best food in all of Western New York: Bar-Bill Taven, Griffon Gastropub, The Irishman, Mister's, Rosie's Handcrafted Ice Cream, Rookie's, Pasquale's and so much more.

Drinks? You have 42 North, Aurora Brew Works, East Aurora Brewery, and the selections at nearby restaurants.

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I have to be honest, my friends and I always choose to go to East Aurora over Buffalo on a Friday or Saturday evening. For starters, there's more parking nearby, even though parking can be a bit challenging in East Aurora sometimes.

You're also allowed to walk down the street in East Aurora with a beer, as long as it's transferred to a plastic cup. There's just a laid-back feel to East Aurora that is much more soothing, rather than a downtown atmosphere, which is great, but sometimes a bit overwhelming,

Do you agree? Maybe there's another suburb in Buffalo that rivals the city's nightlife?

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