Are you sick and tired of getting nudged by dudes with popped collars and Jersey shore haircuts on Chippewa? Luckily when the big city gets you down there is a healthy alternative. Luckily living in Buffalo not only means that you can hit the town hard without hitting your wallet hard, you can also drive 15 minutes in any direction and find a plethora of decent suburban watering holes.

The following bars have been known to host a respectable soiree:

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    2704 Clinton St.
    West Seneca, New York 14224

    Vinny’s is the kind of bar that would make Patrick Swayze circa Roadhouse fame proud. I can totally picture him being the bouncer here and Judo chopping inebriated patrons in the stomach. Their combination of great beer specials and killer wings is delightful, and you can pretend that you are Indiana Jones walking across crunchy piles of insects when you make your way across the peanut shelled laden floor. [Yelp]

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    Pappas Restaurant & Lounge

    1780 Orchard Park Rd
    West Seneca, NY 14224

    This bar is somewhat of a West Seneca tradition. People older than I was went here to drink before I was of age, I went here to drink when I was, and the kids just turning 21 also seem to love it. There is nothing not to love about Pappas’s; it has that “homey” feel in addition to plenty of updated dart boards, Megatouch and an internet jukebox that is impossible to ignore. And by “homey” I mean comfortable and familiar, not a place where street thugs will attack you. [Facebook]

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    Garden Park Cafe

    3525 Genesee
    Buffalo, New York 14225

    When a bar has Karaoke 7 nights a week they immediately get my respect. Garden Park is just like most bars in this particular area of town, from the outside it looks like a place you would get your hair cut (badly) but it is a hidden gem. The Karaoke setup is hands down the best in town and the song selection is deeper than Beyoncé and Jay Z’s joint bank account. Singing “Hungry Eyes” with your 2 friends is undoubtedly going to make you a little hungry, but don’t worry… 35 cent wings will be the perfect cure. [Website] [Yelp]

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    Bar Louie

    1 Galleria Dr.
    Cheektowaga, NY 14225

    I wouldn’t normally suggest a chain restaurant that plays annoyingly loud house music nonstop. It isn’t the $1 burger, or the 5 beers for $8, or the 24 different draft beers for $3 happy hour. I’m not recommending it because of its large patio or convenient location smack dab next to the mall. Bar Louie is one of the best bars in the burbs because for some unknown reason good looking women LOVE it here. If you are single and want good odds to meet an attractive suburban chica, this is your place. [Website] [Yelp]