When I started interning at WBLK under former personality DT The Cold Spring Cousin, one of my many responsibilities was to go through the song submissions from the local artist for the Unsigned Hype show. This show was curated with only the best of the best locally and from time to time artists from surrounding cities. One of the artists who would submit their music regularly and every time something was sent in was it was true fire became a favorite of mine. That artist went by the name at the time of 2 Chain Bennymane but we now know him as the great Benny The Butcher.


There was not a single submission that wasn't perfectly created with a true story attached that could be verified, hot beat with a dope hook, and bar for bar he would ride the beat like no other.  The music was always mixed and mastered properly and his packaging was always on point. With this knowledge alone I am not surprised at where Benny is now.

It wasn't long ago that the city was excited for Griselda, Westside Gun, and Conway The Machine signing to Eminem on Shady Records. This duo received a lot of attention thanks to such a high profile deal but the best part about such a deal is that the other artist on the deal is getting his chance too, and we are talking about Benny.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 5.36.45 PM

Benny stopped by the studio to premiere his single "Long Way" Inside The Go Getta Mix with yours truly, ADRI.V of his latest project "A Friend Of Ours." Check out the video below of the premier and interview.

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