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Whenever you hear that ring off just know that Benny The Butcher is indeed coming. This past Friday we were served something timeless, literally. Benny The Butcher dropped his first single "Timeless" featuring Lil Wayne and Big Sean off his soon to come project Burden Of Proof.

Benny shared  about his new project via his Instagram

I havent dropped a solo project since June 21st, 2019 and I feel like my sh** been the Most Anticpated Album of the year. I know the streets need this one.



Once this single dropped I ran up the streams and played it back, to back to back digesting each lyric as Benny, Lil Wayne and Big Sean shared their stories. Being the Go Getta that I am, I always look for motivation in everything. Below are just a few of the Bars that stood out to me:

"I do this for suffering children and checks from government buildings/ A dope boy who made a check from other than dealin'."

Let's look at the facts, in essence, Benny has beaten the odds and with each project, he continues to bring us in and show us that it is possible to switch your hustle and shift your focus to one that is legal.

"Don't judge my life now, n***a cause I been mad stressed, on tour with the LOX and had a project address"

I remember Benny and BSF being on tour. I'm certain many watching his grind had no idea he had a project address, but it speaks to his determination and belief in himself that no matter what the situation looks like he kept pushing.

If you have yet to check out his new single "Timeless" listen to it here!

If his single "Timeless" featuring Lil Wayne and Big Sean is any indicator of what will be on the album, I can't wait!

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