Whatever came between Trey Songz & August Alsina must be SERIOUS! August don't even want Trey's name mentioned in the same sentence as his. Watch him go off on 106 & Park host Keshia Chante when she asks if they could squash the beef!


“So, you just gon’ against the grain and go against everything that I just–…. I just told y’all not to ask me that s*** when I got up here.”

Damn Bow Wow just gonna sit there and let him go off on ol girl and not even have her back? That ish cray!

Clearly August is focused on the release of his new album "Testimony" instead of discussing his failed friendship with Songz.

But not too long ago, he did speak on it with Rap UP.

“I don’t really f*** with Trey right now. We don’t get along right now. We ain’t on the same page. He did some other s*** and we just don’t rock. Like I tell people all the time, show me that you’re this person on day one… You should always be that person. We were supposed to have a show together and it just went left ’cause I can’t deal with n***s’ egos and attitudes ’cause I’m just a real n**** comin’ through and I’m rockin’.”

I wonder if him & Trey are beefing over a girl.

"Now you're sad, saying that August stole your girlfriend. Love is for suckas".