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The tragic killing of George Floyd by a former Minneapolis Police Officer right before our very eyes, while other uniformed officers of the Minneapolis Police Force stood by and did nothing, has prompted leaders in law and the community to demand reforms and changes to their local police departments and the way we treat those accused of committing crimes.

The National Action Network (NAN) and Attorney McDuffie and their incredible partners accept this urgent call to action and will host a day of service to educate those who have been formerly incarcerated on how to seal misdemeanors, and in some cases felony convictions or to expunge a marijuana conviction. These leaders will then generously file the application to have those convictions sealed or expunged for those who meet the program requirements at NO COST to the applicant.


This one of a kind day of service is the brain child of NAN and Rashied H. McDuffie, who tirelessly and selflessly give of their time and legal talents to those in need. They welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with our city and community partners and so many others and have pledged to work diligently to service as many applicants as possible.


Join Rashied H. McDuffie and NAN this Thursday, June 17th, 2021 from 6PM-8PM at the Delavan Grider Center, 877 East Delavan Avenue. To Register or for questions call Rashied (716) 390-9592 or NAN at (716) 245-5273 or email at bflonan@gmail.com


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