Each and every week on The Go Getta Mix, I open the phone lines for listeners to call in and ask a question in order to have the listening audience and myself help them with their decision. Check out ASK ADRI caller Jimmy who called in and shared his situation with me and asked for some advice

Jimmy has been dating girl for 2 1/2 years, and he has been hiding a secret this whole time! Well, here is Jimmy's secret: Jimmy has a kid, and she apparently has no clue. She doesn't want a man with any kids because she's not with the baby momma drama and has shared this with Jimmy many times before!

So should he come clean or should he keep this a secret? If he keeps it a secret its going to be a continuous lie and if he comes clean he he might lose a really good relationship aka to Jimmy the love of his life.  So step into the situation room and let me know what Jimmy should do!?!

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