Following the track's release, fans immediately started to speculate whether this was the 25-year-old pop star's way of coming out as bisexual—especially because of one lyric in particular in which she sings, "I like women and men." Of course, fans went absolutely wild over this new "revelation" and wanted confirmation ASAP.

Monét, who opened up about her bisexuality last year, seemed to confirm the speculation after she commented "she said what she said" on an Instagram photo. Then, Grande herself weighed in by responding to a Twitter fan who said she doesn't have to label herself. "I haven’t before and still don’t feel the need to now which is okay," she wrote.

But, that's not all. The singer also liked these tweets about being sexually fluid:

Though Grande doesn't feel the need to label her sexuality, "Monopoly" isn't the first song fans believed she used to come out as bisexual. Earlier this year, her track "Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" caused an internet frenzy after Grande is seen kissing her look-a-like at the end of the song's music video.

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