Ariana Grande made the mistake of attempting to edit a video in the Instagram app with the intention of sending it to a single person. Instead, she hit the wrong button, the way your less tech savvy grandpa might do, and uploaded the video to her millions of followers instead. Oops!

The video in question shows Ariana and her former Victorious co-star Liz Gillies share a swift peck on the lips before the two quickly pull away and run off screaming in opposite directions. The point of this video — filming it, sharing it or otherwise — remains unclear.

But a series of tweets posted by the “Break Your Heart Right Back” singer seem to indicate that she really just pressed the wrong button on Instagram — and that she didn’t actually mean to share the video with all her fans. She tweeted, "HAHHAHAHA @LIZGILLIES OOPS,” before ultimately succumbing to her flub and owning it.

She then wrote, “my favorite video of all time,” along with a link to the original post. Ariana then followed that up with an all-caps locked explanation: "I WAS EDITING IT IN INSTA TO SEND TO HER AND IT POSTED ACCIDENTALLY BUT ITS GREAT SO WHATEVER.”

In other, more pressing Ariana Grande-related news, the singer is gearing up to release her new single "Focus," the lead off her upcoming album Moonlight.

She posted a six-second clip of the track earlier today (October 6), which is frustratingly short but enticing enough to get us interested. Only 24 days until the track is officially released! You can check out the snippet above.

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