Like any good pop star, Ariana Grande has released her debut fragrance, Ari, and there's an entire website dedicated to it. The site describes Ari as a "luscious and sexy fragrance" that "opens with sparkling fruits and an ultra-feminine floral, passionately spun with musks and woods and an addictive hint of marshmallow."


The photo ads have already been put in place—featuring Grande serving lots of kissy face and sometimes holding dalmatians on leashes—and as of this past Saturday (November 14), we now have a "short film" to accompany the rest of the campaign.

The clip begins with a blast of big band music as Grande's name flashes across a nostalgia-tinted image of New York City's skyline. The credits tell us the ad will serve as the debut appearance of Toulouse the Dog.

Grande hails a pastel purple taxi and tells the driver—in the same "acting" voice she used for her brief role as Chanel No. 2 in Scream Queens—to rush her to 23rd and Broadway. She and her canine companion are apparently in a rush.

The driver expresses a faint recognition of her as a singer, but forgets her name. Grande casually tells the driver he can call her Ari and winks at the camera. We see what you did there, Ari!

Joe—as we now know the driver—asks Grande to sing him a little something, so we're treated to a backseat lip sync of her "Focus" single while she flips her hair, smizes at the camera, caresses the cab ceiling, and at one point holds up a bottle of her perfume.

Upon arrival at 23rd and Broadway, Grande spritzes herself with the fragrance just as a flashbulb bursts and paparazzi begin to storm the cab. But rather than get out, Grande looks to the camera, declares "Let's go girls!" and the cab drives away with her still lipsyncing for her life in the backseat.

That's all, folks. Ari is now available for purchase in "key markets."

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