While walking into the Rand building this afternoon I bumped into this guy right here...

#OccupyBuffalo Protestor

We had a quick conversation and you know what? I totally agree with his sign.

It's time for YOU to stop accepting that it's ok for there to be this humongous gap between the top 1% of Americans and the rest of the US, the 99%.

The gap only exists because we allow it to. We, the people, have the power in this country - let’s seize it!

If you really want to #OccupyWallstreet / #OccupyDC / #OccupyBuffalo or whatever, take your money and support locally owned small businesses... I do my part to bring us up, are you?

Occupy WS Shop Locally via Facebook by Tony Caferro

At the end of the day, this is all about money and the powers that be expect you to not pay attention or care. You have a choice, use it.

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