I commend my man Scotty BlackBeard Williams for putting this list out. I can really relate this--can you? This is his list of the "unofficial rules for surviving in Buffalo", and there is a lot of common sense stuff right here!

Check it out below:

  • Don't sit in cars just kicking it.
  • Get EVERYTHING you need and get to your destination.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open ! Watch your surrounding instead of running your mouth.
  • Know who you're hanging with and what they're up to.
  • Google numbers, order your food ahead of time don't sit in local spots.
  • Track the bus if you have to ride it. That bus stop stuff is dead. Also if it does not look safe always walk a block up.
  • Don't be listening to your headphones, you gotta hear stuff.
  • Don't sit and watch when people getting rowdy KEEP IT MOVING!
  • If you get into a confrontation assess your situation first before you snap. You never know what a person got on them. Forget being tough. Make it back home.
  • If something don't look right trust your instinct. If you hear gun shots get down quickly until it stops.
  • Don't loiter in front of the house like an easy target!! Don't run unless someone is shooting at you.
  • When in public, keep your face out of your phone, and your phone out of your face. Keep that $500 object hidden. Period.
  • Last but not least don't mix BEING CAUTIOUS with BEING SCARY. Forget what somebody thinks, make it back home to your FAMILY!

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