We always hear about customers throwing tempers at fast food restaurants, when they don’t receive the right order or when something is missing. We’ve seen viral fights, arguments, and even threats towards workers at fast food restaurants, but this story did not end well.

An Arby’s manager is now being charged with murder after a customer, reportedly spit in her face. Now I'm all for one about reacting after such a nasty thing But this was a bit much

According to USA Today officers were handling a traffic stop at a Walmart on Monday night. This is when they saw Tallent in his car and appeared to have been in an accident, that is where officers noticed he had a single gunshot wound in his upper torso.

Upon officers discovering Tallent, investigators assumed it was a drive-by shooting until they were able to line up the incident to the Arby’s manager’s report she made to the police. The Arby’s manager reported her incident earlier that day, where a customer spit in her face. She did name Tallent as the suspect according to the police department.
That’s when officers realized, Tallent had been involved in an incident prior to being shot at Walmart. There was a statement issued by the police department stating, “Desean Tallent had been involved in an altercation at the Arby’s that ended with him making threats to the manager and spitting in her face.” The department continued, stating: “He promised to come back and hurt her and about an hour later, came back.”

Once Tallent returned to the restaurant, he circled around the parking lot. At that point Young was fed up, and went outside to her car and she followed him towards Walmart. Police mentioned the two were playing cat and mouse and in the statement from the police department it stated “She shot at Tallent and then drove back to work.”
Young did confess to the shooting, she was arrested at her job, and now is being charged for murder. She even showed officers where she hid the gun.

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