It is no secret that real estate developer Douglas Jemal is inspired and infatuated with the architecture in Buffalo and he is definitely putting his money where his mouth is. Mr. Jemal has purchased a slew of great-looking buildings including the historic Statler Hotel, which incidentally resides right across the street from The Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building located at 65 Court Street which was up for auction.

In any event, it (The Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building)  was recently purchased by no other than Mr. Jemal. WKBW reports:


Before The Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building, located at 65 Court Street in Buffalo, was a state facility, it was on the site of Buffalo’s first high school. And for those who do not know who Walter J. Mahoney is. Walter was a local state legislator who served nearly 30 years. He then became a State Supreme Court judge passing away in 1982 at the age of 78 and that is when this building was named after him.

According to Buffalo As An Architectural Museum, the building was erected in 1928-1932 and the architects were E.B. Green and Son with Albert Hart Hopkins. The style is Neoclassical Monumental Art Deco ornamentation Stripped Classicism, Starved Classicism—or PWA Modern. I don’t know what any of that means but all I know is that it looks really cool.

Looking forward to what will become of the building because seeing what has been happening with the development of The Statler building, I can only imagine really cool things. More about the building HERE.

I feel if this was a real-life game of Monopoly, Mr. Jemal would be winning big time. I'm still not passing GO. Take a look at some pictures of the building and its proximity to the Statler Hotel.


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