The Wal-Mart Supercenter at Crossgates Commons in Albany is the most super of them all.

From the street, you would never know it. But once you explore the spacious 2 story interior of the Wally World at Crossgates Commons you know it is a vast expanse of food, toys, beef jerky, electronics, pajama pants, yellow dot specials, and more. And all that space makes our Albany Wal-Mart the largest in the United States according to at nearly 260,00 square feet of shopping space, it dwarfs the average Wal-Mart store by about 90,000 square feet. Look at it this way: a good-sized house has 2,000 square feet. That means this store has the space of 130 good size homes! That's crazy!

YouTube/Antonio Maldonado
YouTube/Antonio Maldonado

Now there is a reason this Wal-Mart is so big. points out it used to be coupled with a Sam's Club. When Sam's closed, Wal-Mart took over that space to become a two-floor mega-store So when this store was initially built, making it the biggest was never the intention. It just kind of ended up that way when the opportunity to expand presented itself.

Chances are you have been to this Wal-Mart so you know how expansive it is. But, there are actually several video tours on YouTube (like the one below) documenting its status as the world's largest.

The Albany location you could say has become a destination of interest for Walmart connoisseurs. Or maybe we just walk in and think "This store is HUGE - lets take video!"

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