This NewTube Thursday we're "Taking You Off here" with new videos from Mobb Deep & Aloe Blacc, who is not quite "Fancy" but he is "The Man" "Calling All Hearts" & putting in "Work" like that new Omarion song. Watch and Enjoy!


Aloe Black- “The Man”

The wait is finally over, as Aloe Blacc just released the video, “The Man" for his most requested single to date. The soulful hit samples Elton John, and was featured in commercials such as Beats by Dre, following the SuperBowl and on The Peoples’s station at WBLK. “Be a King when kingdom comes” said the Interscope signee. Black is unifying his fans with empowering visuals on how to overcome adversity. His single is on his newest album entitled, “Lift Your Spirit”.

Omarion- “Work”
There may be a new boss at MMG this week because Omarion is putting the “O” in overtime time with, “Work” his latest video. Work is a single off of O’s forthcoming album, Sex Playlist.  The lusty video is not the only thing that O has his mind set on, but in a bigger scheme of things Maybach-O will be expecting his first child with his long time girlfriend very soon! In a phone interview with VIBE magazine O could not hide his excitement as he explained, “It'll be interesting to see what my child will gravitate towards, whether it be house or break-dancing, whatever. I just want to share that with him.” Congratulations to newest addition to the O family!!

Iggy Azalea – “Fancy”
Rapping since the age of 14 Iggy Azalea gets “Fancy” with Charli XCX in her new video following her forthcoming album, ”The New Classic”. The video is a remake of the popular 90’s movie, Clueless and The Australian rapper plays the popular, fashionable blond in the video. Azalea is also set to go on tour on April 23rdin Boston.

Artist/Song: Dj Cassidy- "Calling all Hearts" feat Robin Thicke Jessie J

Calling all Hearts!” Dj Cassidy is teaming up with Robin Thicke and Jessie J for their newest project. The video displays an unapologetic pink with preppy attire at the disco, and it’s sole purpose is to, ”bring the greatest and most universal dance music of all time back to the airwaves, back to night life, back to the dance floor” said Cassidy in an interview with Rollingstone.  Cassidy’s album is entitled, “Paradise Royal”.

Mobb Deep - “Taking You off Here”

Childhood friends Havoc and Prodigy have finally buried the hatchet by placing their differences aside to work on their newest video, “Taking You off Here”. The single will be on their newest album, “The infamous Mobb Deep” and will be released on April 11th.  Havoc finally admitted to sending tweets, which suggested that his childhood friend Prodigy was a homosexual during his three-year jail bid. The tweets were sent of out of anger, and have thankfully led to overdue collaboration.

Jason Derulo- Talk Dirty
Album: 4th coming album available April 15th 2014 “Tattoos”

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