Governor Andrew Cuomo has wisely, in my opinion, put his foot down regarding how Nursing Homes will operate moving forward while we're in the midst of a pandemic.  I can tell you, first hand, that elderly people in Nursing Homes are at an unbelievable and almost at an inevitable risk for contracting COVID-19.  Governor Cuomo's directive includes a stipulation for Nursing Homes such that they are in jeopardy of losing their license to operate if they do not test their employees twice per week or if they accept a resident that has tested positive for COVID-19, according to the WGRZ News report.

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My Mom is unfortunately no longer a Nursing Home resident...and I'm not saying she was fortunate to be in one, it's unfortunate that she is no longer with us.  It's probably a Blessing however, seeing as there are so many residents in Nursing Homes testing positive for COVID-19...even though there are NO VISITATION POLICIES IN PLACE.

Well if the residents are not contracting the virus from the general public, due to NO VISITATION, that leaves the conclusion that there is only one other way to get it...from the workers ... and not intentionally.  it's a very unfortunate and frightening scenario.  Governor Cuomo's directive is a Blessing for both residents and workers.  I'm certain that no Nursing Home employee would purposely come to work knowing...they just wouldn' it's not their fault.  Now both will benefit from testing.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo is doing such a great job staying on top of things.  Kudos to him for making this urgent and important step to protect Nursing Home Residents.  II felt so badly for the residents in the Nursing Home where my Mom was residing.  Residents could not see their ones and many of the residents are near the end of life and if any one of the residents were to contract COVID-19 it could shorten their lives with no opportunity for them to see their family and loved ones.

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