According to a WKBW News report, a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Delaware Park was vandalized between Sunday night and Monday morning.  A WGRZ report later in the day today stated that there was an arrest.  The report says that after approximately  2:10 am (Sunday night / Monday morning) Police found a 40- year-old woman wearing a black winter coat that was covered in paint.  The WGRZ report says that the Police stated that she was the person who poured a can of blue paint on Abraham Lincon's statue.

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According to, Brian Baker was the Sculptor who created the Lincoln statue in 1935.  The statue was presented to the City of Buffalo in the same year by him in memory of Louis Spitzmiller and Julia Spitzmiller.  I searched the web as to who Louis Spitzmiller and Julia Spitzmiller were, relative to Buffalo, but found nothing siignificant.  Howver, during my search I did discover that Brian Baker also sculpted the statues of Millard Fillmore and Grover Cleveland, according to .  Both still stand today in downtown. Buffalo.

People who vandalize historical property have no cluue as to what they are truuly destroying, for the most part.  There are those who have rallied and protested cerain syatues which represent racism and hate, but the desecration of notable figures' statues that represent honor and good values is certainly ignorant at best.


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