Governor Kathy Hochul announced that $10 million from the Abortion Provider Support Fund has been awarded to 13 programs to continue to protect women's reproductive rights in New York State. The grant recipients cover 63 sites. An additional $15 million in funding will be awarded to broader programs, including indie clinics. Applications will be accepted starting next week.

New York State Will Continue To Prioritize Women's Rights To Choose

Incoming NY Governor Kathy Hochul Gives First Press Conference After Cuomo's Resignation
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Gov. Hochul reaffirmed her commitment to ensuring that women in New York have access to safe, legal reproductive health and family planning services,

Under my watch, New York will always be a safe harbor for those seeking reproductive health care, and I am committed to working with providers across the state to ensure they have the support and resources they need. We will continue to build on our nation-leading protections for abortion patients and providers to safeguard abortion access in our state.

New York State Wards $10 Million To 13 Abortion Provider Programs, Covering 63 Sites

Pro-Abortion Protestors Rally In Philadelphia On Independence Day
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The recipients of the first round of funding are:

Long Island Jewish Medical Center: 2 clinics
Nassau Health Care Corporation: 1 clinic
New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation - Harlem: 1 clinic
New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation - Jacobi: 1 clinic
New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation - Kings: 1 clinic
New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation - Lincoln: 1 clinic
Planned Parenthood of Central and Western NY Inc.: 9 clinics
Planned Parenthood of Greater New York: 23 clinics
Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic, Inc.: 10 clinics
Planned Parenthood of North Country New York Inc.: 7 clinics
Public Health Solutions: 2 clinics
Staten Island University Hospital: 3 clinics
Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood: 3 clinics

Gov. Hochul announced the $25 million Abortion Provider Support Fund on May 10, ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In addition to the monies, Gov. Hochul signed a six-bill package that will protect and strengthen abortion rights in New York.

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