The Buffalo Sabres had a rough game last night, to say the least. They lost 5-0 to the Ottawa Senators on the road, in a game that featured little in the way of offensive chances, as Buffalo dropped to 13-22-7.

The Sabres now sit 17 points out of a playoff spot, and it's almost certain that they will miss the postseason for the 11th straight year.

Big news came out of last night's loss, however, that didn't have to do with the scoreboard.

It had to do with a questionable hit from Sabres goaltender Aaron Dell. The hit happened early on in the game, as Ottawa forward Drake Batherson was about to stake behind the net to chase down Sabrees defenseman Mattias Samuelsson for the puck.

That's when Dell decided to throw his shoulder into Batherson, who crashed into the boards.

Batherson ended up leaving the game with an ankle injury, and soon came news that he injured his ankle and would have to miss the All-Star Game, which Batherson was elected to. He also scored his 13th goal of the season before getting hurt.

You can watch the play below.

Ottawa head coach D.J. Smith was not happy after the game, saying that it was a bad play and he's "done it before."

Senators forward Brady Tkachuk called it a "bulls**t play."

After the game, Dell said he was "just trying to buy time for his defenseman and step into the lane" of Batherson. "I wasn't trying to hurt anybody," said Dell.

Dell is now scheduled to have a hearing with NHL Player Safety.

What Dell did was 100 percent uncalled for, and dangerous, given how close the play was to the end boards. That is why Batherson got hurt and now, Ottawa's leading scorer will miss time because of a terrible decision made by the Sabres backup netminder.

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