There is a new warning out for anyone who owns an ATV or other type of off-road vehicle in the Lancaster or Alden area.

It was reported on the neighborhood Facebook page in the Lancaster and Alden area, that ATVs have been taken from the yards of some of the residents there.

Lancaster/Alden Facebook

If you own an ATV, it might be a good idea to find a location to store it when you are not using it, or have some sort of way to lock it up or chain it so a thief cannot grab it.

It is that time of the year when we are thinking about hitting the trail or perhaps getting a snowmobile ready. Like other products, some of these may be hard to come by because of shipping or supply issues. As a matter of fact if you try to visit some of the local Powersports shops or motorsport shops they will tell you that if you see it buy it because Supply may be limited as we get into the winter.

Contact local police or the Erie County Sheriff if you see any suspicious activity in the area or around your home. Many of the thieves are looking for an area that is not well lit. The thieves seem to be after ATVs or other equipment that is easy to grab and put on a truck or trailer. This is also a great reminder to keep your vehicles and house locked as often as possible. People get desperate during the holidays and it is always better to play it safe in advance.

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