Did this mom go too far beating her daughter on Facebook Live? Watch and vote!

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A mom in Georgia cursed out and beat her 16-year-old daughter on Facebook Live! This mom punched her daughter in her face and chest for posting provocative pictures on Facebook.

Facebook Live has definitely been making its mark lately, from Philando Castile's shooting, to the three men shot in Virginia, and now this. I wonder what was going through the mom's head when she decided that live-streaming her daughter's beating was a good idea. Now if the police want to prosecute her, the proof is right there thanks to her!

I know a lot of folks who ought to be thankful Facebook Live wasn't around when they were getting their whoopin's back in the day, lol, me included! Watch the video and let me know your thoughts on whether the mom went too far or not. Do you think this mom went too far (in beating her and putting it on social media) or is this acceptable?

(WARNING: It contains graphic language and violence)

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