A 92-year-old Western New York woman lost her life after her home exploded. The explosion happened on the morning of yesterday, July 20, 2021. Irene Sanok's home on Bedford Avenue in Lackawanna was completely destroyed in the explosion. Seven other homes in her neighborhood were damaged, but no one else was injured, according to WIVB. Neighbors said the explosion happened around 7:20 am. Sadly, many of Irene's personal items were strewn about her neighbors' yards.

Michael Salamone, who was Irene's neighbor told WKBW the scene was a,

"A war zone, I've never been in a war zone, but it looked like a war zone, debris all over, we had debris in our backyards, like other side of the house, there's debris stuck in windshields."

The explosion is being investigated by officials with the City of Lackawanna Fire and Police Departments, the Erie County Sheriffs Office and National Fuel.

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Natural gas explosions aren't rare. It's scary to think that your home or a neighbors home could explode and injure or kill people due to a natural gas leak. While natural gas hasn't been named the cause of this explosion, it is definitely a plausible cause, especially since National Fuel is involved in the investigation.

Credit: WIVB

Propane Explosion Kills 7 People in Buffalo

Back on December 27, 1983, a propane explosion destroyed several blocks in Buffalo. Seven people were killed in the explosion, including five firefighters with Ladder Five. The explosion was the deadliest tragedy to date for the Buffalo Fire Department. The explosion happened at a four-story warehouse on N. Division Street, according to WIVB.

Credit: WIVB


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