The United States Marshals Service arrested 92 fugitives in Buffalo as a part of a targeted operation. The arrests were made as part of Operation North Star II, which took place in 10 cities, including Buffalo, as well as Puerto Rico.

U.S. Marshals captured a total of more than 800 fugitives total - in Buffalo, as well as Albuquerque, New Mexico; Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Jackson, Mississippi; Kansas City, Missouri; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Oakland, California; and Puerto Rico. The month-long operation was aimed at combating violent crime in the cities, which have a significant number of murders and shootings.

U.S. Marshals Service photo by Bennie J. Davis III)
(U.S. Marshals Service photo by Bennie J. Davis III)

According to WIVB, 92 fugitives were taken into custody in Buffalo and Western New York. The 833 fugitives apprehended in the 10 cities and Puerto Rico include alleged violent criminals, sex offenders, and gang members.

ONS II focused on fugitives wanted for the most serious, violent, and harmful offenses including homicide, forcible sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated assault. ONS II investigators prioritized their efforts to include individuals using firearms in their crimes, or who exhibited risk factors associated with violence.


(U.S. Marshals Service photo by Bennie J. Davis III)
(U.S. Marshals Service photo by Bennie J. Davis III)
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During the 30-day sting that took place in January 2023, Marshals arrested:

- 95 individuals wanted for homicide
- 70 individuals wanted for robbery
- 98 individuals wanted for weapons offenses
- 200 individuals wanted for assault
- 68 individuals wanted for sexual assault

In addition to the arrests, they seized 181 guns, over $229,000 in cash, and more than 160 kilograms of illegal drugs. Ronald Davis, Director of the U.S. Marshals Service, said,

The U.S. Marshals Service remains steadfast in its commitment to assisting law enforcement and community leaders at all levels to combat violent crime. The success of ONS II is based on its laser focus on the most significant drivers of violence. We are confident that apprehending these offenders will bring a level of justice to their victims and contribute to the overall violence reduction efforts in each city and hopefully bring a level of justice to their victims.

(U.S. Marshals Service photo by Bennie J. Davis III)
(U.S. Marshals Service photo by Bennie J. Davis III)

16 Of New York State's Most Wanted Criminals- February 2023

Below are individuals wanted by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision's (DOCCS) Office of Special Investigations who have been designated as its Most Wanted Fugitives. They should be considered armed and dangerous. This list is current as of 1/31/2023:

NEVER attempt to apprehend a fugitive yourself. If you have information on the location of any of these fugitives, you can contact OSI 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to report it. All leads and tips are treated as confidential information.

If an immediate response is necessary, such as you see the wanted person at a location, please call “911” and report it to the police.

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