One thing we love in Buffalo, aside from food, is having access to the water. We are blessed to have so many waterways near us. There are so many parks around Buffalo that give us access to bodies of water. One of my favorite places to go clear my head and get some exercise is Delaware Park. Hoyt Lake is definitely popular with Buffalonians. When I want a less crowded area to walk or chill, I've found myself going to the Outer Harbor. It's a great park only a few minutes drive from downtown Buffalo. I do love Broderick Park and Unity Island, although they can get a bit crowded on the weekends. I mean, who can blame people for wanting to get out and enjoy them while the weather is good. I often see people fishing there.

I know there are many more parks that offer water access, but these are some of my personal favorites that I wanted to share with you. Grab your family/friends, pick a park and get out to enjoy the water on one of these summers days (before our brutal winter comes knocking).

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Here are some ideas of what you can do at the parks:

-Enjoy a picnic (just remember to clean up after yourself so everyone can enjoy a clean space)
-Play soccer (Delaware Park has a space for it behind Hoyt Lake (along Rumsey Road)
-Nap in a hammock
-Go fishing
-Jog or walk to get some exercise (many of the parks listed below have great paths)
-Ride your bike or skate

Whatever you choose to do, just get out and enjoy these great parks in Buffalo near the water!

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