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In putting together this list of Buffalo's best hot do spots, I looked for restaurants that had a 4-star Google rating or higher. There may be spots that didin't make the list because they didn't pass the 4-star threshold. Some of these places also have multiple locations, which may have different ratings than the ones I have featured below. Some of the spots offer a wide range of customizable hot dogs, while others have a limited, more basic menu. A few of them offer a buy 5, get one free special. I love a good hot dog, so I'm going to use this list myself. I don't usually eat regular pork dogs anymore, but quite a few of the restaurants offer veggie dog options. For me, the hot dog is always about the toppings anyway. It's really like the little vehicle of a condiment salad. Personally, I love dill pickles, sauerkraut, onions, coleslaw, mustard, hot sauce, ketchup, mayo, and jalapenos on my dog (yes, all those toppings on one dog lol). What other food could taste good with all those toppings on it, outside of a burger maybe? The great thing about these hot dog spots is that even if you're in the mood for a dog, but your with someon who isn't, they offer a full menu. Some had breakfast options, some had sammys and burgers. There are links to all of their menus so you can explore more. Bone apple tea!

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