New York City Sherriff's officers seized seven illegal vans that had been advertised on Airbnb as a 'glamping' experience in the heart of the city. I personally would never want to stay in a camper van in New York City, but I can imagine some guests were lured by the whole "van life" trend. Sheriff's Road Patrol Deputies impounded the vans that were scattered throughout streets in the borough of Manhattan. It seems like a really bad idea on the hosts' part since the vans are advertised on a huge public platform. It's inevitable that they got caught, whether it was guests complaining or the Sheriff's Office or other city officials skimming through the website looking for illegal and questionable listings.

New York City recently changed  the way in which Airbnb hosts operate,

The City recently amended a law that could affect how you host. This amendment requires that Airbnb and all other short-term rental platforms obtain your consent to share your hosting and listing data with the City. If you don’t want to share your hosting and listing data with the City, you can always switch to hosting 30 nights or longer which are exempt from data-sharing. ~ Airbnb


You can see some of the vans in the tweet from the New York City Sheriff's Office, which is below.

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If you're looking for a unique stay here in NY, and an illegal van isn't your thang, there are plenty of legal options. Why not book a secluded getaway in New York State? There are plenty of islands you can rent using Airbnb.  Check out these 4 that are budget-friendly, which you can rent for $250 or less per night.

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