looks like another store is about that cashier-less life! It seems cashier-less stores may be the new wave of the future. We reported a few days ago that a #SamsClub in Texas was opting to do a cashier less store, and now it looks like 7 Eleven is following suit.

That’s right, it seems 14 Dallas, Texas based stores will feature this new “scan & go” technology that allows customers to pay on their phones. Now before y’all start, though the checkout process will be cashier-less, there WILL be 7-Eleven employees at the stores. They’ll be there to reportedly handle the purchases of hot food as well as alcohol. SO don't be tryna steal buddy lol.

So, this is how things are going to work, customers will need a 7-Eleven rewards app to complete their transaction. The new “scan and pay” is reportedly meant to build customer loyalty by allowing customers to skip lines and the headaches that come with them, said Chief Digital Officer, Gurmeet Singh.

Now this isn’t something hasn’t been tested, so before y’all start talking about the five-finger discount. It seems 7-Eleven has really put some thought into their strategy to build their customer loyalty with this new feature.

During this testing phase, 7-Eleven originally housed the Scan & Pay feature in a separate app than its rewards app but found that customers wanted the experience in one place and have 7Rewards loyalty points applied when they checked out. Singh said 7-Eleven rewards program 7Rewards has 17 million members. The company plans to roll out the new feature come 2019, will you be using the new app

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