I love breakfast! What can I say, there is something about waking up late and still enjoying eggs, toast, sausage and throw in a biscuit and gravy for good measure (hey I lived in the south for a very long time). There are some amazing restaurants in Buffalo that offer a great breakfast menu all day long. After "a night on the town" aka a hangover, there's nothing like a greasy plate of hashbrowns and bacon to soak up the rest of that liquor. In this list, I left off spots like Denny's, iHop, and Cracker Barrel, which serve breakfast all day but aren't Buffalo-based restaurants. I wanted to highlight some of the gems that you might not have tried yet or can't try outside of Western New York.

Next up, I'll put together a brunch list (I also love brunch, by the way), but for now, if you're looking to get some poached eggs, an English muffin and a side of corn beef hash, check out some of these spots.

Breakfast is a meal eaten in many countries around the globe at the beginning of the day. The tradition of eating a morning meal has existed since ancient times, though it was not until the 15th century that "breakfast" came into use in written English to describe it,[1]:6 literally meaning "to break the fasting period of the prior night"; in Old English, the corresponding term was 'morgenmete', meaning "morning meal." ~ WikiPedia

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