It's no secret that the food in Buffalo and Western New York is fantastic. Buffalo-style pizza is phenomenal. The wings are the best. Nothing beats a beef on weck. Sponge candy, stinger subs, Sahlens hot dogs, spaghetti parm, the list goes on and on.

However, not to be outdone, the breweries in Western New York are also outstanding. You could literally list a couple dozen breweries from Niagara County to the southern tier and all the way to Rochester that serve top of the line beer.

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In fact, I honestly believe some of these local breweries could succeed nationwide. They could see success in the Midwest, south or out west. I know, I know -- money and logistics are standing in the way, but if possible, these breweries could definitely be successful on a nationwide level.

Here are seven Western New York breweries that should be nationwide.

7 WNY Breweries That Should Be Nationwide

Some breweries in Buffalo could definitely have a following all over the country.

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