New York State will pump $50 million into the eastside of Buffalo. On Saturday, June 18, 2022, Governor Kathy Hochul today announced $50 million of targeted investments. The funds are a part of the state's effort to address the inequities experienced by the eastside community. Gov. Hochul, a native of Western New York, said,

Credit: Governor Kathy Hochul via Youtube

East Buffalo and communities like it have for decades suffered from significant disinvestment, neglect, and the failure of government policy. We are not afraid to take on these systemic challenges, and together, with the City, the County, community members, and other partners – we’re going to do that. Today’s announcement is a down payment on the much larger amount of work that lies ahead.

The Governor is working with community leaders, service providers, the City of Buffalo and Erie County to determine where and how the money should be invested. The goal is to help stabilize the community while long-term solutions are put in place. Some of the money will be used to help a community-led effort to prevent the area from being a food desert.

The more than $50 million investment includes the State’s first-ever investment in a community-led food access initiative to fight food insecurity in East Buffalo, an expansion of free transportation services to additional food access options for the residents of the community immediately surrounding Tops, major capital and operating grants for local small businesses, support for job training efforts, and tens of millions for foreclosure prevention, home repair assistance, and access to capital for first-time home buyers.

The $50 million is a down payment on long-term investments into Buffalo's eastside.

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The Resource Council of WNY, Inc., which has been a central distribution site for food and other resources for the community affected by the mass shooting on May 14, will receive a $3 million grant.

The funds will be used to assist residents of the eastside with:

- Food Security
- Small Business and Workforce Development
- Housing and Social Services
- Memorial Commission

New York State Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes said,

As a Buffalonian, Governor Hochul truly understands what disinvestment, neglect, and the failure of government policy have meant for East Buffalo and other low-income communities of color, and she is the first leader of our State to truly engage our communities directly to understand what our needs are, and how we believe we should build our futures – her investment in the African Heritage Food Coop is a reflection of just that. I know that today’s investment is a down payment on the Governor’s long-term commitment to us, and I thank her for leadership and partnership in addressing both immediate needs and systemic issues facing our communities head-on and with a deep love for our city.

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