50 Cent won a $30,618 judgment against Teairra Mari in a revenge porn case back in January, and he’s been adamant about getting his money.

On Tuesday (March 12), Fif jumped on Instagram and posted a video of a process server’s attempt to give Mari legal documents tied to the case. In the clip, you can see the server walking behind the Love & Hip-Hop star at the airport and asking her if her name is Ms. Thomas, which is her birth name. When she responds yes, he drops court papers on her luggage.

Mari says “No thanks” and continues to walk away while the documents fall on the ground. In the caption, 50 writes, “You cannot run from the Law, you have been served. [B]etter give me my money Bitch.”

50 received his $30,000 judgment after a judge threw out Mari's claims against the rapper in her revenge porn lawsuit. In the case, Mari claimed that her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad leaked graphic sexual images of herself online. Fif, who is Akbar’s friend, reposted one of the offending images and added unflattering commentary about it.

Since then, the Power creator has filed court papers for Mari to present her financial records so a judge can decide which assets to collect from Mari. However, the reality star has said that she won't give 50 the $30,000 she owes him.

"Curtisssss!!!! Cut the shit, u are the Police...& thirsty 4 attention ...peddling that cheap ass moonshine," she wrote in an Instagram post. "See, I was just about to Pay ur rat ass too .... Now, #Iaintgotit #youaintgettinit...Keep calling me a bitch & Imma put a fingerin ur booty......again! It’s Ms. Bitch."

Watch a process server try to serve court documents to Teairra Mari on 50 Cent's behalf below.

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