50 Cent knows a winning formula. With Power a smash success for STARZ and the upcoming season set to start in June, the hip-hop mogul/TV producer has been plotting another gritty crime series about the infamous Black Mafia Family.

50 posted a video on Instagram of a car with bricks stashed in a secret compartment.

“BMF series COMING SOON, you think you know, you have no idea. BIG MEECH,” he captioned the video.

He elaborated further on the project. Let's just say 50 sounds very confident that he can put together another great show.

“The writers deals are done, there [sic] already working and communicating with BMF inside and out. To have a strong understanding of what transpired. This you don’t want to miss.”

The Queens native clearly has high hopes for the project. “This I believe can top Power. But when you see this season of Power you will not believe how good it is. SMH."

50 Cent has talking about the prospective series since last year. He will be executive producing with Randall Emmett and B.M.F. leader Big Meech wrote a letter of approval for the project. There was a dispute with producer L.T. Hutton over who had the right to tell the B.M.F.'s story and it was clear that Meech supported 50.

50 posted a letter from the infamous B.M.F. co-founder giving the New York rhymer approval to bring his story to the small screen. Meech also claims in his letter that he had not given anyone permission to create a movie about him or about B.M.F. “I’m the only one that can tell the B.M.F. and Big Meech story,” the letter reads. “So any person or persons trying to do a film is ‘100% faking.’”


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