The untimely death of Kobe Bryant is hitting the hip-hop community really hard.

In the wake of the basketball legend's passing, 50 Cent has announced that he’s not going to argue with anyone in 2020.

On Monday (Jan. 27), Fif hopped on his Instagram page and shared a dated video of himself hugging Kobe at a basketball matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks. “I feel like i have to achieve what i want in life now after this,” the New York rapper captioned the clip. “I have to focus, i’m not arguing with anyone anymore ill deal with it another way if there’s a problem."

While 50’s message seems sincere, there’s no word if the Power creator is suggesting that he might end his ongoing feuds with various rappers. Last December, 50 got into a heated tit-for-tat with French Montana after he poked fun at him for buying a 2008 Bugatti vehicle and supposedly taking out a 60-month loan for it.

50 Cent’s latest post comes after 50 called out MSNBC news anchor Alison Morris who appears to have said the N-Word while describing Bryant's home team the Los Angeles Lakers during a broadcast. “Did this bitch just say that on the air?” he wrote in the caption alongside the offending video. "She gotta get fired for that." Although Morris issued an apology and denied saying the N-Word, 50 wasn't buying it.

You can read 50 Cent’s latest IG post below.

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