With the holidays right around the corner a lot of company Christmas Party's are going on all around the nation. Parties are a time to let loose and have a good time but you have to draw the line between good time and the "professional" atmosphere most of us work in. Take this list and memorize it before and after this years Christmas Party.

  • Don't GET DRUNK ! - You aren't responsible for you actions when drinking you feel a lot more at ease and tend to say whats really on you mind ! This might mean telling your BOSS or other co workers how much you really dislike them
  • FUNNY gifts ARE NOT A GOOD LOOK - No matter how much one of your co workers may need extenze for men, breath mints, or a gift member ship to the HAIR club for men.  The company holiday party is not the place to give those gifts.
  • DON'T HOOK UP WITH A CO WORKER - Now Sally from accounting might look so tempting in her little red dress.  Office hook ups always end in tragedy.  Do you really want to have to look at some one every day at work that you have drunk lustful sex with ? Disregard this rule if you don't plan on staying at the job much longer.
  • NO AWKWARD DANCING -  The company Christmas party is not the place to kill em with the "Dougie".  Half of the people you work with are over 40 and won't know what the hell your doing anyway.
  • DON'T BRING A DATE THAT DOESN'T FIT IN WITH YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT - Despite how cute that Thug is you met while visiting your cousin who is on lock down, or that sexy hood rat you met at the club with the 10 kids.  They are a reflection on you keep your personal life personal if it doesn't reflect on your work life keep it to your self.

Have a great time at the parties but keep my rules close at hand and you should be good ! Happy Holidays and compose your self at the Holiday party let loose when you see me at the club though !

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